Love-me-back TREE!

Hi! I started the Love-me-back TREE project after reading Overstory by Richard Powers well before COP26. That’s the international climate conference in fall 2021 in Glasgow. However, during the conference the world made new promises to stop deforestation.

The Love-me-back TREE project brings a small opportunity to participate in this important climate initiative. That’s my hope. Tape your tree to your desk, window sill or elsewhere. Let’s start a conversation together. Trees capture C02 and help us breathe.

Make your tree. Tape it to your desk, kitchen window sill or work bench! Please have some fun with it. Start a conversation!

Read the story about my tree!

Some Resources for learning about trees in the Great Lakes region

Forest Tree Identification app

Picture this app


Many thanks to Rinck Heule, Shannon Gerard, Kenny Lam, and Natasha Overduin for suggesting Richard Power’s novel Overstory. The project poster and story was produced on a Riso printer with soy-based ink on responsibly sourced paper at OCADU.

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