Heule Communications updates

Public Relations & content writing

  • Nandy Heule joined the Canadian Church Press awards team again in 2018 to help select the winners in the front page design category.
  • Communications consultant Nandy Heule was pleased to help judge the 2017 Canadian Church Press Awards.
  • Communications consultant Nandy Heule was delighted to serve as a Blue Ribbon Panel judge for 2016 IABC Gold Quill Awards in February.
  • Nandy’s Blog post picked up by Canadian Press during Federal election in 2015.
  • In December 2014, over 210,000 viewers watched Jenna’s story about access to healthcare.
  • A lengthy in-studio interview on accessing healthcare, CBC North, fall 2014
  • Heule Communicationsold computer‘ community care client in Toronto obtains substantial Trillium grant in 2013.
  • Community healthcare client’s success story featured in Communication World.
  • International development client’s story in Anglican Journal.
  • International development client quoted in Zoomer Magazine .



  • Dream big! Nandy Heule speaks at business development workshop for social enterprise in Toronto in April 2016 (left)
  • Nandy Heule speaker at International Development Days 2015 in Ottawa
  • Heule Communications presents workshop on Intranet content development at  Federated Press conference, Toronto, 2014
  • Communications consultant Nandy Heule speaker at 2013 International Development Days in Ottawa
  • Nandy Heule speaker at  Periodical Writers’ Association in Toronto in 2013

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