Visual Arts

Since 2016, I have been chipping away at earning a BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) in Toronto. Artist CV.


2022 Watch for it! Gallery 1313 in Toronto. The Winter Emerging Artist Exhibit, Jan 5-16, 2022 online. Visit exhibition in Jan. 2022.

2021. Concept accepted into commemorative exhibition between the Archives of Ontario and the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA). Watch for more in spring 2022! 

2020. Juried group exhibition. National TD Thor Wealth Management Juried Exhibition: Quest for the Environment. Visit exhibition until Jan. 2022.

2017. Juried group exhibition. Celebration of First-Year Exhibition. OCAD U, Toronto, ON


2021. Love-me-Back TREES collaborative project

IMG_3699 2

A collaborative community project to love trees and remind the world of promises made in Glasgow at the climate conference COP26. Please consider printing the poster to make and display your own Love-me-back TREE. Read the story!

2016- 2019. PLU code project.  

Stickers on fruits and vegetables are officially known as price look-up codes. A PLU code turns a banana or a lettuce head into a “value-added” food product. The over 1400 PLU codes in circulation today around the world, for me, symbolize the globalization and commercialization of food. This longer-term project includes five different works: PLU I, PLU II, PLU III, PLU IV, PLU V. Each piece intends to take a critical yet humorous look at how the food farmers grow is turned into packaged and labelled products.  

2018. Hey, Did You Drop Something? 

2017. Public Washroom Signs Collaborative Project 

To flush or not to flush? With the introduction of automatic flush toilets, Canadians seem to be confused. This collaborative community project gathered toilet signs from across Canada to make a simple point. Extra copies of the poster available! Just contact me.


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